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Stará Myjava, Slovensko

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Chalets are in operation only from May to September

The cottages are located in the beautiful White Carpathian environment behind the village of Stará Myjava, in a peaceful environment between trees, outside civilizations. The cottages are suitable for family or group holidays, for people who like to walk in nature, or catch a guitar and experience great moments at a focal point next to the cottage. In the vicinity of the cottage area there is a beautiful dam / approx. 3 min. Walking / with a possibility of bathing, hiking trails, biking trails and ski lift / cca 3 min.peši /.
We offer accommodation in six cottages, each with a 4 - and 2 - bed room, with the possibility of one extra bed.

In each cabin you can find:
- 4-bed room
- 2-bed room
- Common room connected to the kitchen
- Sanitary facilities / WC and shower /

Kitchen: chairs, table, small kitchen

Spol. Room: armchairs, table, bed - possible extra bed

Bathroom: shower, washbasin, mirror, toilet, boiler - hot water.

Cottages with a small terrace
Each cottage has a small outfit with seating, with one chalet a large fireplace with seating


We can arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner at very good prices. Prices depend on the number of people / quantity / type of meal. Diet is delivered in crates.

For 40 people, prices last year were approx. 1.1Euro / Breakfast, 1.5Euro / Lunch and 1.5Euro / Dinner.

In each cottage there is a kitchenette with a double, jersey, refrigerator and basic equipment.

Outside of each cottage there is a fireplace and a sitting area.

If there is more than one person, they can rent a dining room where they can serve meals, or have a party or seating there.

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Address Stará Myjava
907 01 Stará Myjava

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