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Dúbravka, Slovensko

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In the cabin that is straight out of a fairytale
The observation tower Soblahov – Dúbravka

Very nice wooden observation tower standing above the village of Soblahov was built on a meadow next to the local cemetery. From the southwest side it overlooks the massive forest wall, Strážov mountains and Považský Inovec with its landmark, peak Inovec. The lovely tower shaped like a shelter lures its visitors for a walk through the meadow which a century ago featured a forest railway. You will find yourself in a place straight out of a fairytale. Hills illuminated by sunlight and the wooden tower standing in the middle of the meadow as an enchanting cabin attracting pilgrims from afar. Enter the tower, climb up its stairs and enjoy a breathtaking view. You will smell the fresh scent of wood and feel the touch of the sun´s rays. "Feel like at home ... Take your time, enjoy, relax you, help yourself ...". Thank you for this warm welcome.
It was a pleasant visit. We promise we will come back again and will take you with us.

The tower overlooks the surrounding area of Soblahov at an altitude of 365 meters. It stands on a meadow just above the local cemetery. The locals call this part of the village Dúbravka - Jalovčina and the tower carries its name. The tower was built on the site of the former forest railway leading from Trenčín to Selec.
The building is made of wood and is 9.5 meters high. It has two floors, its lower part features a covered seating. The construction of the observation tower was financed by the association Spolok priateľov Soblahova exclusively from private sources. It was completed in 2015.
The observation tower offers a beautiful view of Soblahov, Trenčianska Turná, Mníchovská Lehota, Trenčín and Nové Mesto nad Váhom. The scenery of surrounding mountains like White Carpathians, Považský Inovec and Strážov mountains will leave you with a strong impression.
The observation tower is just ten minutes from the village Soblahov. Optionally, you can reach it from Trenčín but it takes longer. Just go through a nice park Brezina, around a military facility up to Soblahov meadows. The tower is not really far away from there.

Before more than a hundred years ago the place known as Soblahov county featured a forest railway. Trains on the route between Trenčín and Selec transported cut timber to a sawmill in Kubrová near Trenčín. The railway was constructed in a very clever way. Thanks to the height difference wood was transported to the sawmill almost without using any power except gravity. The railway also featured several bridges over streams and deep ditches. Some of them are still well preserved and remind visitors of its glorious past.


It’s located on the south-western spur of Strážov mountains which extends all the way up to Trenčín. The forest is an ideal place for relaxation after a rush day in the city. The park is suitable for walking, running and mountain biking. In winter conditions allow for cross country skiing or sledding. Forest trails are suitable for mountain biking. Take your bike and visit Soblahov, Kubrej and Strážov mountains. Cross country ski tracks are located deeper in the park. The park also features several nature trails - "Vznik a vývoj lesa (The origin and development of the forest)", "Sever (North)", "Kyslíková dráha (Oxygen track)" designed for runners, "Čerešňový sad (Cherry Orchard)" with a gazebo, playground, Tarzánia and The Memorial of Tortured. On the top of Sokolica you can enjoy a nice view from "Štefánik’s observation tower ".

In the top part of the south-western spur of Strážov mountains right above Soblahov is a unique beech forest that was declared a nature reserve - Otrý vrch. This protected area had not been affected by human activity throughout the whole twentieth century.
At a height of 482 above sea level there is a Chata pod Ostrým vrchom (Cottage under Ostrý vrch). You can reach it from the forester´s lodge walking up 1,100 meters long path. The cottage serves as a summer and winter resort (skiing).

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