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Valaská Belá, Slovensko

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The beautiful beauty of Slovakia. He endeavors the austere lines of nature, architecture and folk costumes. Sweet peaks dress up Homlo's invite for a visit. Come and take a look at the ridge of Javorina with the beautiful background of Stráž, the Tužinská valley and Malá Magura, the Rajecká valley lined with the Souľovské vrchy and Lúčanská Malá Fatra. Come to refresh yourself with the clean white waters of Belanka. Let yourself be tempted by the pure shapes and colors of the soccer booths.

A region pure as a crystal, as clear as glass, beautiful as a beloved costume of pure human hearts.


Homolek recreation area is a well-known winter and summer hiking center. You will find it in the range of the Strážovské vrchy and the White Carpathians near the village Valaská Belá. The ski resort offers a pleasant winter holiday from December to March. You can run on three slopes, two of which are lightweight and one moderate. The total length of the slopes is 850m with a maximum elevation of 140m. The length of the tracks is 300, 500 and 550 meters. The slope at the resort allows you to fully enjoy winter pleasures, for example in the evening skiing or at the sled. Cross country skiers have the opportunity to use a 3km long cross country trail. The resort has a downhill ski school, a free ski school and a ski rental service.

You can have a refreshment in fast food, but who wants to enjoy home-made cakes, he should go to the surrounding restaurants. And in Valaská Belej you are the best bryndza in Slovakia. Green tourism at Valaska Belej has a great perspective. Whoever tastes can choose from the medium-hard routes on the beautiful hills of Strážov and Vápeč or on the Omsen Baba or Vlčinec. Homes for recreation area are good conditions for agrotourism development. The region can also have fun with nice cycling routes. The whole complex of cycle paths in the region consists of the Intercole cyclo-circle, the Bojnice cyclo-circle and the Hornonitrian cycling log.

Various possibilities and unforgettable experiences are offered by this beautiful Slovakia.


"Rare beechwoods, aged beeches growing in the soil - do not drink, they are firmly held against the wicked roots by the rooted roots only in the misery of the rocks, which testify to the constant struggle for life."

The words of the Czech academic painter Jaroslav Vodrážka, who fell in love with the Slovaks' club in the vicinity of Valaska Belej. Jaroslav Vodrážka admired the beauty of Strážovské vrchy and the poetics of Wallachian kopanec. With Peter Dilinger's friend, they went looking for inspiration in Slovak villages. They called their wish - "In the footsteps of Jirásek's brotherhood". Motivated by Mánes' image of Marína Kurincová, they arrived in Valaska Belej. Marin of Mánes's picture was a nice, pretty young woman. She dressed with a belgian costume, beautiful in her simplicity. Marin, quietly and patiently standing with a bowed head, entwines in white clothless clothes without embroidery only in the belt in a private manner. Simple is the folk costume of the people of the world, human modesty is beautiful. Clean and pristine.



It is a majestic cliff overlooking the Vršatecké bral, Ossenska Baba, Strážovské vrchy, Strážov, Súľovské skaly, Vtáčnik and many others. There is a metal cross that can be seen from afar.


The sculptors from Valaska Belej were scorned all over the world. Their followers were glass-making crystals. Glass show "Glass Dream" in Valaska Belej will reveal the secret of the production of blown glass.

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Address Valaská Belá 871
972 28 Valaská Belá

01. 06. 2024 00:00 - 31. 08. 2024 23:59

Bojnice, Slovensko


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Trenčín, Slovensko


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03. 07. 2024 17:00 - 27. 08. 2024 20:00

Bojnice, Slovensko


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Trenčín, Slovensko


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