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Kostice in Kočovce-icon

Kostice in Kočovce


Concert in the arms of romance . Also in the village of Kočovce, near the Nové Mesto nad Váhom, there is a romantic three-winged wardrobe…

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Gallery of Miloš Alexandr Bazovský in Trenčín-icon

Gallery of Miloš Alexandr Bazovský in Trenčín


The trail of Miloš Alexandr Bazovský, an important personality of art modernism, was immersed in the trenčian cultural life. The artist has survived…

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Kláštova Ves Nová Ves-icon

Kláštova Ves Nová Ves

Klátova Nová Ves

Mansion with own electricity production . The advantageous location on the way from Skýcova to Topoľčian and Trenčín contributed to the fact that…

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Lookout tower in Prievidza forest park-icon

Lookout tower in Prievidza forest park


Romantic landscapes of a forest park In the shadow of slender agates and pine trees, the privacy of lovers searches for privacy. The hand in hand…

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Trenčianska synagóga-icon

Trenčianska synagóga


A piece of Oriental orientation . The majestic Nutrition Synagogue was built in the northern corner of the city square in Trenčín, the beginning of…

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Kalvária Bojnice-icon

Kalvária Bojnice


The nearly 200-year-old romantic Calvary is a place for a refreshing walk in nature , as well as a place of pietnym , to contemplate the mind in…

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Borčice manor house-icon

Borčice manor house


The classical mansion in Borčice with its adjoining park, which once served as the seat of the Borčice nobility, now provides its visitors with…

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Homeland museum in Považská Bystrica-icon

Homeland museum in Považská Bystrica

Považská Bystrica

The patriotic museum was at the beginning of its existence in the refurbished Orlove Quarter. Today you can find him at the Street of Slovak…

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