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Non-smoking guest house Svorad

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Trenčín, Slovensko

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Directly in the historical center of Trenčín we offer accommodation in a historic building at a very reasonable price - in our non-smoking pension Svorad with a capacity of 53 beds. All rooms are equipped with hygienic equipment and a shower. Meals are possible in several facilities located in the immediate vicinity of our guesthouse.

We offer the possibility to use a training room with a capacity of 30 to 40 people to arrange various training and presentation activities.

Points of interest - the guesthouse is part of the preserved area of ​​the historical center of Trenčín.

Piarist church

Originally the Jesuit Church, now the Piarist Rangaroka Church, is the dominant of the historical center of Trencin. Explained on July 1, 1657, František Xaverský, the Apostle of India. At the great fire of Trenčín on May 14, 1708, the church was completely destroyed. In the years 1709-1713 restored to the present form. In the vaults of the church there are rare quadrature paintings from 1712 by painter Krisztof Tausch. In 2000, their complete restoration was completed.

Piarist Gymnasium of J. Branecký

Origin in r. 1649, established in 1918 after the division of Austria-Hungary, renewed in the year 1918. 1938, re-canceled in 1945 after the expiration of the First Slovak Republic. Renewed again in 1990.

The Piarists came to Slovakia already in 1642 and the Piarist schools gradually expanded from Podolinka to Prievidza, Brezna, Sv. Jura, Nitra, Krupina, Ruzomberok, Sabinov, Senca, Banská Štiavnica, Trenčín and Levíc. Trenčianske gymnázium was founded in 1649 by Jesuits. After the abolition of the Jesuits in 1773, the sister of Maria Theresa decided in 1776 to send the school to the piarist.

Today's J. Branecki Piarist Gymnasium was restored after a 45-year forced break in 1990, and now has 438 students from straight to octave.

Páter Jozef Branecký SchP (31.3.1882 - 14.11.1962)

Father Jozef Branecký, Catholic priest, professor, great writer of Trenčín history, rector of the college and church of piarists in Trenčín, provincial of the piarist revolt in Slovakia, the holder of the Council of Prize Prize, and the honorable citizen of Trenčín, but above all a youth benefactor.

His most significant works are:

On the premises of the school there is an exhibition of life and work of the search for Branecky . We invite you to visit.

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Address Palackého 4
91101 Trenčín

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