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Nutria in Skačany

Skačany near Partizánske has become a tourist destination. People come to a small pond from a wide area just to see coypu. The creatures themselves…

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Under the protection of the Strážov Hills

We head to Vrchteplej. The only official route to this village is from Kostolec. Narrower but adjusted. This road is final in a small square. You…

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Bošany - the first Baťa factory in Slovakia

Under the name Bošany is a village with about 4 thousand inhabitants, which lies in the southern part of the Trenčín region on the river Nitra…

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The cycling holiday in Bánovce starts!

The Joint Championships of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic in road cycling will take place in Bánovce nad Bebravou and the surrounding…

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The BEVLAVA cycle route attracts with its beautiful landscape

If you like exploring the surrounding countryside and breathing fresh air through two wheels, the long-distance international cycle route BEVLAVA…

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Opening of Trenčín Castle and branches of the Trenčín Museum

The Trenčín Museum, under the founding authority of the Trenčín self-governing region, has reopened its branches to the public since 19 April 2021.…

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Bojnice Castle is again open to the public

The Slovak National Museum-Bojnice Museum has once again opened the gates of Bojnice Castle to the general public.. Visitors to the castle can…

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I'm happy to come back to you

You know the Trenčín region well. You have overlooked it as part of field research, which you have published in books, inviting you to discussions,…

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