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England under Tribeč

A beautiful mansion in the lap of beautiful nature. When you arrive in Janová Ves, part of the municipality of Klátova Nová Ves, it's as if you…

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The cycle bus season continues even after the summer holidays

Take advantage of the pleasantly warm September days to get to know the region from the seat of a bicycle. Blue buses with attached bicycle carts…

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Professional practice in Switzerland for young people from Slovakia - an opportunity for education, acquaintance and earnings

Every young person wants to learn, many want to learn something new, especially in a new environment, preferably in a group of equal friends, and…

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The Music Summer Festival will energize you in August

Enjoy Gypsy Devils in a special birthday edition, the deep personal confessions of Mária Čírová or the original meeting of Petr Lipa with a young…

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Not even a heart from a rock can resist Skalka

The hermit St. lived here. Andrej-Svorad and later his student St. Beñadik. Matúš Čák also liked to visit this place. The spirit of the rockery…

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The family of trains has grown

Have you ever ridden the red train? Popular tourist means of transport in the Trenčín region are also available in other places.. After last year&…

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The Hungarian royal crown returned to Trenčín after 400 years

After 400 years, the Hungarian royal crown returned to Trenčín. In the form of a true copy of the original, you can see it too!. In 1622, the…

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The Trenčianske Teplice Music Summer Festival will start its 76th season on Friday

Fans of quality music can once again look forward to a rich cultural summer in the spa town of Trenčianske Teplice. On Friday, July 1, the 76th year…

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