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Beckov Castle entered its jubilee 20th season

Beckov Castle entered its jubilee 20th season. . . On April 30, Beckov Castle opened the jubilee 20th season by the former owner of the castle,…

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Iron maiden in the chaotic underground

Iron maiden in the chaotic underground. . Recently, the media reported on the finding of an iron virgin used by Elisabeth Báthory to torture…

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Action Spa in the region - increased the attractiveness of spa Tr. Teplice

The 4th year of the "Spa in the Region" event, organized with the support of Trenčianske Teplice, as well as municipalities and localities connected…

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The Trenčianska Vrchárska koruna project will be carried by 20 mountains and valleys worth seeing

Since the drop in the saddle of the bicycle today almost half of cyclists did not discourage the cold and rainy weather. On Sunday afternoon, they…

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Salaš in the center of Považská Bystrica

⇥⇥ On Friday, April 8, the center of Považská Bystrica changed to Salaš. From 10.00 am there was a sheep at the Town Hall, a wave was cut, and…

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Students brought more than 500 earthworms from the underground underground

Regional Tourism Organization The Trenčín Region, in cooperation with the Slovak Underground and the Secondary School in Nové Mesto nad Váhom,…

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