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Partizánske, Slovensko

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An ideal place for regeneration and relaxation. The area of thermal pools boasts with thermal mineral water with a temperature of 43 °C. The mineral water has a positive effect on limbs as well as spirit, relieves stress and helps with professional diseases.


Malé Bielice is a quiet area of Partizánske situated 60 km from the Moravian-Slovak border (Malý Hrozenkov crossing) directly on the route Nitra - Prievidza.    The spa facilities for demanding clients were built directly in places where naturally hot mineral water springs out. Balneologists discovered here three different sources that have very beneficial effects mainly on locomotive system, nervous system and facilitate regeneration. Patients, clients, holidaymakers and weekend visitors can enjoy treatment areas, swimming pools, aquapark and resting areas. The most popular facility is a wellness center with sauna, menthol inhalation therapies and Turkish baths. A wide promenade crosses the whole spa and also local pleasant park.      


It was autumn. After one of several unsuccessful crusades against the Turks three maimed imperial army veterans were returning home through the occupied and burned area of Bojnice and Prievidza. They were sons of a poor farmer Ondrej Malý. He had neither money nor assets to pay for a healer or herbalist to treat his sons, so he went to ask Mr. Bielický, the miller, for a loan. The miser ignored pleas of the poor father and laughed him off. To make things worse, the miser showed off the broken man a palm with three tolars: golden, silver and bronze. "I wish a devil would show up and take you to hell with all your belongings!” shouted the farmer. A thunder lightning struck the mill as the farmer uttered the words and burned it down. Scared farmer heard evil laughter and the devil said: “Here, take your three tolars and heal your sons”. Three coins dropped on the burned ground. At that very spot three healing springs sprung out and farmer’s sons healed their wounds in their healing waters.        


Veľkouherská linden:  It is a rare tree declared as protected in 1993. The two hundred years old largeleaf linden with its huge shadow awaits you in Veľké Uherce at the local cemetery. Its trunk’s perimeter is 450 cm, height 20 m, crown diameter 14 m. The tree is a symbol of Slavs and despite its age it’s still remarkably vital and healthy. It’s a very rare specimen for observers and photographers.      


The immediate surroundings of the spa offer good conditions for hiking, biking and relaxing walks. You can visit a classical mansion or a small Hornonitrianske observatory in Bielice. Another interesting attraction is a water castle in Šimonovany. Those loving adrenaline can book a flight in a sport jet taking off from a small noiseless sports airport near the spa.       


Bielické mud:  A unique wetland between Veľké and Malé Bielice.

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Address Malé Bielice 103-105
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15. 07. 2020 08:00 - 31. 03. 2021 15:30

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