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Café DRAGO-icon



Café DRAGO in Nováky can be found right in the city center of SNP 176. . It offers a nice seating area with a covered terrace for a restful respite…

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The Clerence Restaurant-icon

The Clerence Restaurant


The Clerence Restaurant is located in the central part of Partizánske, on Hrnčiríkova Street. A varied selection of meals , a wide range of quality…

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Oil craft ice cream-icon

Oil craft ice cream


Best Ice Cream on Wide Range . . True fruits, 100% nuts, no flavors or dyes . Own recipe directly from the Italian ice cream maker ... so the…

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Restaurant at the swimming pool-icon

Restaurant at the swimming pool


Our goal was to build a restaurant in connection with sports activities, relaxation and gastronomic experiences. . In the building, you can enjoy…

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Pizza Liberta-icon

Pizza Liberta

Opatovce nad Nitrou

Pizza Liberta is located on the main mountain bike park, near Bojnice, in the village of Opatovce nad Nitrou. The interior is dedicated to cycling…

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4play sports & coctail bar-icon

4play sports & coctail bar


4play is the perfect combination of good food , great beer and a stimulating male atmosphere . . Operation of the 4play restaurant is focused on…

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U Zaja Restaurant-icon

U Zaja Restaurant


Restaurant "U Zaja" is a business located in Trenčín in the town of Sihoť on Opatovska Street No.13. The restaurant offers its customers traditional…

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Café REBEL-icon



The REBEL Cafe can be found in a circular view, opposite ZOC MAX, near the city center. . It is part of the KIKA hostel. With private parking, in…

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