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4M restaurant-icon

4M restaurant


Cozy, pleasant restaurant near the city center on Braneckého street offers a varied, tasty and healthy daily menu with regard to the technology of…

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RESTAURANT Facility System Hub-icon

RESTAURANT Facility System Hub


(3 ratings)

A LA CARTE We cook fresh ingredients simply, with quality and with an idea, given the seasonal availability of selected raw materials. In our offer…

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Pizza restaurant Teplitz-icon

Pizza restaurant Teplitz

Trenčianske Teplice

Hot and cold food restaurant of Italian and international cuisine. Possibility of organizing social events. .

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Café pod platanom-icon

Café pod platanom


If you want to relax at the Bojnice spa with a cup and enjoy the right spa atmosphere , visit the Café under the platter . . A café with a large…

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Restaurant SOMERGASTRO "Slovakotex"-icon

Restaurant SOMERGASTRO "Slovakotex"


We are happy to welcome you to our partially air - conditioned self-service restaurant SOMERGASTRO , located on Jilemnicki 2, in the Slovakotex…

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Confectionery & Café Eiscafe Delikana-icon

Confectionery & Café Eiscafe Delikana


If you visit Prievidza and want to relax, sit by the coffee and something sweet, you did not get breakfast, you have a working meeting or simply…

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MAXIM Pizza-icon



If you have a good pizza or fresh salad , visit the MAXIM pizzeria . You can find us on Palacký Street under the square , excellent access, parking…

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Confectionery & Chocolate EMILI-icon

Confectionery & Chocolate EMILI


If you visited Bojnice and attended a visit to the Bojnice Chateau, the zoo or the spa, find yourself a moment of relaxation at the Cukrárna and the…

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