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Iron Lady
The observation tower Inovec, Trenčianske Jastrabie

On the top of Inovec stands a meteorological observation tower called, "Helene." She’s truly elegant. She’s an "Iron Lady" evoking respect. To visit her you have to overcome your fear of heights. The breathtaking view is, however, totally worth it. Iron "Helena" is noble and generous, offering a view over rocky peaks of the surrounding mountains. Thank You "Iron Lady". Our visit was exciting and spectacular.

The meteorological observation tower Helena has been standing at the highest peak of Považský Inovec since December 2015. The tower was built thanks to the initiative cottage-keeper who found agreed with employees of the company that wanted to build a weather radar on Inovec. The tower stands at an altitude of 1,042 m and its peak is at an altitude of 1,061.5 meters above sea leve. The tower has 90 steps, it is 21 meters high and its observation deck is about five meters below. Its basis is 4.8 x 4.8 meters and its weight is 13,500 kg. Its technical floor is located at an altitude of 18.8 meters featuring astronomical instruments, a meteorological station, a webcam and telecommunication equipment. The entrance to the technological floor is prohibited because of non-ionizing microwave radiation (low-impact). We do not recommend climbing up the tower in a bad weather.
The tower boasts with a three hundred and sixty degree view of Veľká Fatra, Tatra Mountains, Vršatec, hill Kľak, Veľký Lopeník, Trenčín, Dubnica nad Váhom, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Topoľčany and Bánovce. If the weather is good you can a silhouette of the transmitter "Kamzík" in Bratislava.
Getting to the tower is pretty easy and straightforward. The nine kilometers long road from Trenčianske Jastrabie to Inovecká cottage is pretty adventurous. From the Inovecká cottage it is only 40 minutes walk up the Inovec hill on which the tower stands. The hike is moderately difficult.

„ O Mother of Mercy, look on my miseries and have pity upon me...“
Hermit František Rozvadský kept this song well hidden in his heart. Written sources say that František was a nobleman who lost his beloved fiancée Eve Sokolská due to a witch trail after which she was burned. It is said that the trail was partially František’s fault. Poor František could not take the pain any longer and retreated to the cave under Inovec and became a hermit. His only companion was his faithful dog. Over the year František had become a renowned herbalist and healer. He helped a lot of people not only from Slovakia but also from Hungary. He was a blessing for the entire region and he was also very religious. On each Good Friday he would carry a wooden cross from Inovec to Trenčín. Towards the end of his life he asked local monks to make him a coffin and bring it to Inovec. When František lay down in his coffin, he died. The mountain shook tremendously and falling rocks have sealed the entrance to the cave forever. František’s soul came to rest in the heavenly arms and his body is resting in the rock tomb.


One of the most attractive places in Považský Inovec mountains is the anticline Palúch located at 1,004 meters above sea level. Its peak offers beautiful views of the western valley of Váh, Small and White Carpathian, Tribeč or the southern ridge of Považský Inovec. The hike to Palúch is easy, hikers can start from Mníchova Lehota or Selec.

It is a natural monument in Považský Inovec mountains, the subunit of Vysoký Inovec. It is located approximately 1.5 km west from the top of Inovec. The “rocky sea” is a protected area due to its scientific and educational value.

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