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Uhrovec castle

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Uhrovské Podhradie, Slovensko

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If you see it, you are probably going to ask yourself how did it get there - inaccessible terrain and steep Strážov mountains . On a side ridge at an altitude of 591 meters surrounded by greenery stretches impressive ruins. This castle did not see much fighting, so today it’s relatively well preserved, especially its valuable architectural details. The stronghold has a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.         


The late Romanesque-style castle was built probably between 1251 and 1293. It’s possible that Matúš Čák had a word in its design. In 1389 the emperor gave the castle and adjacent vast possessions to Ctibor of Ctiborice, the richest man in the western Slovakia. In the 15th and 16th centuries the castle was subject to legal disputes. It was then given to Zayovská family. Under their rule the castle had entered its golden age. Turkish conquests and internal unrest that severely affected the surrounding territory miraculously spared Uhrovec. Nevertheless, Zayovská family rather retreated to a newly built monumental manor house in Uhrovec. The castle was thus left to rot and slowly turned into a ruin.       


It was a nice morning and birds were signing. An unexpected warning cry suddenly cut the air: "The Turks! Turks are here!" No one wanted to believe the news. However, the lady of the castle, a widow whose husband fell in the battle with Turks, pushed castle guardians and curious courtiers away and ran to the defense tower. The beautiful view from the castle that brought so much joy to its inhabitants now saved their lives. This view probably helped the brave noblewoman in her nightgown to make a decision and reach for the nearest crossbow. Indeed there were Turks hiding behind the trees and cautiously creeping towards the castle. Some of them were even reaching the castle gate. However, the skilled eye of the castle lady recognized Turkish commander hiding behind his men and her hand fired an arrow. It was a clear hit. Struck by the ability of the castle lady Turks decided to flee for their lives. If women were that good in fighting then what about their men?  Turks never returned.       


Before visiting the castle we recommend visiting the birth houses of two important persons of the Slovak history - Ľudovít Štúr and Alexander Dubček. Do not miss Hradná cave, Čerešňová cave and also nearby-standing Jankov hill with a SNP monument.

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