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Beckov castle

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Beckov, Slovensko

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Dominant and majestic. It stands on a giant rock and is full of tall tales. Beckov castle saw the rule of kings, nobles and knights, witnessed the pastimes of those powerful and suffering of those weak. It saw everything! Such was this impregnable guardian of Považie.       


Beckov castle was probably built in a mid-13th century to defend the northwestern border of the Kingdom of Hungary. The castle was originally owned by Hungarian kings, later it became the possession of Matúš Čák. Under his rule the castle bloomed and become one of the most important centers of trade and crafts. However, the castle entered its golden age much later, under the rule of Stibor of Stiborice. The castle became an opulent Gothic mansion with a beautifully decorated chapel. Later on, the granddaughter of Stibor, Katarina, became a castle lady thanks to her marriage to the knight Pavol Bánfi. Bánfi family built strong fortifications and "cannon towers" which helped inhabitants of the castle to ward-off Turkish attacks. The line of male descendants of Bánfi family died out and quarrels among heirs had resulted in a gradual decline of the castle. The castle turned into ruins after a devastating fire in 1729. Today thanks to vast reconstructions and renovations visitors can enjoy the magical world of the Middle Ages inside the impregnable guardian of Považie.    


What did jester Becko do to deserve such a generous gift?
What did a servant do to deserve such a cruel punishment?
Two different tales talk about the mysterious history of Beckov castle.
The first tells the story of Stibor’s jester Becko who cheered his master up after a strenuous hunt.
The second story tells about a castle servant who infuriated his breadwinner by attacking one of his favourite dogs.
The first story describes Stibor as a generous nobleman who gave his servant a really generous gift - the castle!
The second story portrays Stibor as a monster who threw his servant off the rock into a giant gorge.
In the first story Stibor realizes how deeply he love the castle and buys it back from the jester in turn for a promise that he will name the castle Backo.
The second story tells about the death of Stibor envisioned by a servant shortly before he was thrown off the rock. "A year from now on, we will meet again!" And so it happened.
Which of the stories is true? Only castle walls know the answer but sadly, they will not reveal it.    



Come and enjoy beautiful fauna and flora in a protected area of Beckovská Skalica, the nature reserve Sychrov and Skalka pri Beckove.   

BECKOV MUSEUM                                                                                    

The museum features exhibits depicting the history of the village and castle, important documents on famous Beckov natives, historical indoor facilities and interiors from nearby palaces and mansions.

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