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Považská Bystrica, Slovensko

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The patriotic museum was at the beginning of its existence in the refurbished Orlove Quarter. Today you can find him at the Street of Slovak Partisans. As a first institution of museum nature, the local artists also enjoyed great support at their birth.

Modern museum with exceptional specimens

The patriotic museum in Považská Bystrica is a relatively young institution and its activity was launched in 1984 under the name of the District Museum in Považská Bystrica. Collector's activity began in 1980. Since Považská Bystrica was not a museum institution, there was no collection of objects of a museum character, thus destroying the objects that could be documented in the Považská Bystřice wood-craft. Most items, whether purchased or donated, come from the municipalities of the entire district.

Support artists

In 1982, the emerging museum received a generous gift. Irena Bluhova donated a collection of 62 pieces of painting from her partner, academic painter Imra Weiner King. In her letter, she writes: It is a great pleasure for us to contribute to the preservation of the artistic and historical works and to enrich the collections of the newly built homeland museum of our native land, expressing our strong relationship with him and our country. It was just at the end of the year, and so to join in all of you there "under Manin" I wish to be satisfied, to success and joy!

Glider on wheels

Museum collections are focused on natural sciences from the field of geology, botany and zoology. The social sciences represent collections of archeology, history and ethnology. Museum staff are currently focusing on 20th century documentation. Particular attention is paid to the history of engineering in Považska Bystrica, where Zbrojovka was founded in 1928. It was here that the production of two-wheeled motor vehicles began in 1947.

Prototypes of motorcycles

The research of the history of the Povazsky engineer also comes first. In his collections he presents 45 pieces of historical motorcycles that were produced here, which is a practically complete production assortment. You will also find unique prototypes made in the collections, made for the needs of the development department, in single piece specimens. You have to see!

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