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Trenčianske Teplice, Slovensko

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Our Slavic ancestors have treated their rheumatism with nettle. However, Turks taught them to use more effective medication - bathing in sulphur springs...        


Trenčianske Teplice is the oldest antirheumatic spa in Slovakia. The first written report on the use of mineral, thermal and sulphurous medicinal water dates back to 1242. Thanks to their properties and chemical composition the thermal springs belong to the group of natural, sulfate, calcium-magnesium, sulfur, hypotonic hot mineral waters with moderately increased content of fluorine. They have ideal temperature ranging from 37 to 40.3 °C, which allows for their use without any aftertreatment. The "Pearl of the Carpathians", as some visitors call this picturesque spa town, is very successful at treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system diseases. Trenčinske Teplice is one of the few spa towns that have maintained their spa character.   A TALE    In a nearby village near Váh once lived a poor shepherd. When his animals were grazing, he would watch weird steam coming out of nearby swamps. Once, when he was old and crippled, he came to the Teplice valley together with his flock. He stopped at the pond from which white steam and unpleasant smell were coming out. One a sheep with a leg bitten by a wolf left the flock and came right into the steaming swamp. Old shepherd noticed that the sheep would go into that swamp every day. After several days he found out that the sheep’s leg was as mobile as it used to be. Old shepherd also immersed his tired and aching limbs into the warm waters of the pond just right above the springs. As he bathed in the pond, day after day, he noticed that pain was slowly going away. A month later, his legs were much better.            


Hammam. At the World Exhibition in Paris Iphigenie de Castries discovered a plastic model of Turkish baths, designed by a Czech architect František Schmoranz. Hammam (in Arabic) means bath. In 1888, a Moorish style Turkish baths were also built in Slovakia. Cabins are decorated with white and blue tiles that were made exclusively for this spa (tiles feature the initials of their owner - IC). In the 19th century the hammam was an attraction for those wealthy – the most expensive spas in Trenčianske Teplice. Hammam is currently used as a dressing room for those going to enjoy a massage and relaxation after bathing.  


Those who like walking will surely enjoy nature reserves „Baba“ and „Žihľavník – Baske“.  


Natural conditions at an altitude of 272 meters above sea level are perfect for spa treatments all year round.

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