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Nitra, Slovensko

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The Protected Landscape Area of ​​Ponitrie is located in two different orographic units - Tribeč and Vtáčnik. They differ in terms of geological construction, typology of forests, plant and animal communities.

Tribeč belongs to the old nuclear fields. Crystalline slate, granodiorites, as well as mesozoic rocks (limestones, dolomites, cremands, slate), of which the morphologically unique are the quartz rocks, bordering its back from the west to the east. Typical for Tribe are oak-hornbeam, oak and higher beech forests. Due to its altitude, geological base and exposure, Tribeč covers mostly thermophilous plant communities. There are rare and protected species such as Slovak penguins, pimples, perennials, perennials, pheasants, pheasants, lichens and many other protected species.

The younger volcano mountain range - Vtáčnik is part of the volcanic Slovak Highlands. The most widespread in its territory are andesites and their pyroclastics. For Vtáčnik typical beech stands and mixed beech and fir stands. The Vtáčnik peak covers beech forests of crested growth, Leafy rosary with original spruce, in which the mountain species of plant species, such as the creeper, the Austrian locust, the forest frog, the platanolist squirrel, the Moldavian hellebore and the remarkable occurrence of the Siberian shark appear. Rarely, there is also the common yew.

The attention of the representatives of the fauna of the Protected Landscape Area of ​​Ponitrie deserves the presence of a rythm and cats diving as original beasts. In addition, there are deer, in the lower positions the deer and the wild animals. Very good in tribe is the darling and muflová game, which was introduced in Slovakia in 1867. From the rare predators in the area there is a shady owl, royal owl, short-haired hawk and common bee. It is worth mentioning also the very rare Jariabka hôrneho, whose conditions in Vtáčnik are already relatively low. The territory is also rich in many rare and protected invertebrates, such as the huge robot, the common rhinoceros, the cicada vínová, the steppe saga. From butterflies it is eg. Chrysalis lizard, fructose and fenicles, spider veins red.

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