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Thermal pool Chalmová

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Bystričany, Slovensko

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Have you had an accident and want to recover quickly? Do you love swimming in the warm, healing water? Or do you want to relax in a beautiful natural setting? Then you are at the right place. Welcome to Chalmová!

Thermal pool Chalmová has been around since 1923 when a picture of the first wooden pool has been taken. Another big day for Chalmová came in 1927 when the first visitor paid the entrance fee - then 2 crowns.

A spring from within the mountains

Let´s see where we are. When looking at the map, focus on Strážov mountains and spa village Bystričany on the southern tip of the Upper Nitra Basin directly below the Drieňová hill. There you will find the place from which hot springs with water temperature of 25-34 °C spring out. Springs can be then found also at several places in the area, including three wells with a depth of 150-217 meters. These springs fill all local pools. The most attractive of all attractions are two indoor pools wisely built directly on the springs springing out of the bottom of pools. Pools with healing water are open all year round and their temperature may reach up to 40 °C.    

Natural rejuvenation

Thermal calcium-magnesium (sulphate-hydrogenated carbonic composition) water springing out of the mountains. Nature has created a special blend of mineral water that has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. You do not have to have health problems to enjoy its healing power – treat yourself whenever it suits you. Water absorbs worries of everyday life, stress and tension and you will leave fully rejuvenated. 

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Address M. Nešpora 1
972 45 Bystričany

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