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Prepoštská jaskyňa Museum of Prefects

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Bojnice, Slovensko

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PREPŠTSKÁ JASKYŇA - national natural monument

Prepoštská jaskyňa lies on the edge of a huge travertine rock , which belongs to the largest travertine formation in Slovakia . This travertine poke was formed over a long period of settling of calcium , which contained mineral water from the local thermal springs . It was thanks to these waters that the erosion of a cave , which is 11 meters long , is decorated with peasant stalagmites . Above the entrance, a massive travertine overhang forms, creating natural protection against unfavorable weather.

The Prepoštská cave itself is the property of the Slovak state . It is so rare that the Ministry of the Environment has declared it a national natural monument and the surrounding area is declared a protected area of ​​the national natural monument .

Surroundings of the Prepoštská Cave (Museum Complex) are also a unique natural area , which despite its location (located in the very center of Bojníc) has preserved the nature of the wild nature , the untouched hands of the man. And so, while the life of the 21st century is near, the museum grounds have the impression that you have found yourself in a real wilderness - the heart of the nature.

The Prepoštská jaskyňa as a paleolithic site of extraordinary importance was discovered by r. 1926, Karol Anton Medvecký , administrator of the Roman Catholic parish and archeologist-amateur (after which he was named "Prepoštská").

BOJNICE - a significant European site of the NEANDERTAL PRAČLOVEKA

Bojnice ranks among the oldest and most important localities with Paleolithic settlements in Slovakia . The first humans - Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) settled there in the fourth quarter - at the middle stage of the earlier Stone Age 120,000 to 90,000 years ago (in the area where the Warlock is located), with the next (younger) settlement being dated to 60,000 (In the place of Prepoštská jaskyňa - present-day Museum of the Forefront of Slovakia).

Of particular importance is the fact that there are up to 11 layers of pragmatism and one of the richest discoveries of the existence of the Neanderthal prayer house of the Moustiers type (a name derived from the Le Moustier site in France) in Europe .

MUSEUM OF THE RULE OF SLOVAKIA - discover the world of the world

Museum of the Priory of Slovakia - a rare locality of settlement of our territory by praying Neanderthals, is located in the old historical center of Bojnice in the area of ​​the Prepoštská Cave (about 5 - 7 minutes walk from the Church of St. Martin, which stands on the main square of Hurban - on the opposite side of the square Opposite the romantic castle).

From the Castle and the ZOO, you can walk to the Museum of the Forefront by a pleasant walk in about 10 minutes. The entrance to the museum is from Rybníčky Street .

It is an excursion into nature , right in the precious place where the Neanderthal pramlovek lived on the territory of Slovakia.

A playful form for both small and large, you will learn about the life of a handsome man ....

Visitors can become familiar with the time they lived in, how they guided their way of life within their family (group), how they made tools, and which tools were discovered, what animals lived in the Bojnice, how they fished , whose bones Found here , as well as many other attractions about the time when every day hard struggled for plain life ...

In front of Prepoštská jaskyňa, under the massive travertine cave, there is a diorama showing the life of the people.

We look forward to your "pravekú visit"


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