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The observation tower on Tlstá hora-icon

The observation tower on Tlstá hora


In a wallachian hatThe observation tower on Tlstá hora, DohňanyMany years ago, in the early 19th century, an observation tower was standing on Tlstá…

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Beckov castle-icon

Beckov castle


(3 ratings)

Dominant and majestic. It stands on a giant rock and is full of tall tales. Beckov castle saw the rule of kings, nobles and knights, witnessed the…

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Považský castle-icon

Považský castle

Považská Bystrica

(1 rating)

A silhouette of castle ruins is a reminder of important historical events. Shiny Váh is telling tales of bright and dark sides of human nature.…

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Čachtice castle-icon

Čachtice castle


(1 rating)

The mysterious "bloody" castle in the Carpathians. The picturesque ruins visible from afar standing on a limestone-dolomite hill with a beautiful…

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The observation tower Soblahov-icon

The observation tower Soblahov


(1 rating)

In the cabin that is straight out of a fairytaleThe observation tower Soblahov – DúbravkaVery nice wooden observation tower standing above the…

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Uhrovec castle-icon

Uhrovec castle

Uhrovské Podhradie

If you see it, you are probably going to ask yourself how did it get there - inaccessible terrain and steep Strážov mountains . On a side ridge at…

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Brunovce Manor House-icon

Brunovce Manor House


Onion roofs in the Váh mirror . Just a short walk to the Nové Mesto nad Váhom - on the right bank of the river Váh - you can not miss a picturesque…

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Castle Vršatec-icon

Castle Vršatec

Vršatské Podhradie

Hidden in the White Carpathians, in the northwest of Slovakia, white cliffs of Vršatické bralá features ruins of the royal castle. Walking towards…

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