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Grotta with a viewing tower-icon

Grotta with a viewing tower

Dubnica nad Váhom

Grotta with a viewing tower belongs to the jewels of Považia and at the same time it is one of two preserved monuments of this kind in Slovakia and…

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Mansion in Prussia-icon

Mansion in Prussia


He also survived the devastation of Osman . One remembrance of the village of Pruské in the Ilava district is also the national cultural monument:…

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Gazdovský dvůr in Turej Lúke-icon

Gazdovský dvůr in Turej Lúke


Unforgettable coffin . If you want to experience something extraordinary in the wanderings of Slovakia, visit the live skanzenkopaniářského life! .…

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Birthplace of Ľ. Štúra and A. Dubček-icon

Birthplace of Ľ. Štúra and A. Dubček


Koliba slovenských velikánov . Unpredictable ways of fate or strange coincidence (?) Stood behind the fact that two national giants Stur and…

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Klobušický manor house-icon

Klobušický manor house


You must look for the manor house in Klobušice today in the city of Alava. This national cultural monument dates back to the 1840s, when the manor…

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Kostice in Kočovce-icon

Kostice in Kočovce


Concert in the arms of romance . Also in the village of Kočovce, near the Nové Mesto nad Váhom, there is a romantic three-winged wardrobe…

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Gallery of Miloš Alexandr Bazovský in Trenčín-icon

Gallery of Miloš Alexandr Bazovský in Trenčín


The trail of Miloš Alexandr Bazovský, an important personality of art modernism, was immersed in the trenčian cultural life. The artist has survived…

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