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Púchovská skala-icon

Púchovská skala


The so-called Púchov Rock was in the past a majestic limestone formation scattered with large cracks in several parts. His picturesque shape…

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The Fariscan Church of the Divine Heart of Jesus-icon

The Fariscan Church of the Divine Heart of Jesus


The modern temple is not a pair . Even in the 2nd World War - literally on the "green meadow" - they started to build a new town Baťovany (later…

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Sklárna open-air museum "Glass dream"-icon

Sklárna open-air museum "Glass dream"

Valaská Belá

"Glass Dream" is the only glass sculpture in Slovakia, where you can live to see the traditional processes of semi-glass production and shaping. You…

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Golgotha ​​in Cachtice-icon

Golgotha ​​in Cachtice


One of the reminders of the terrible triumphs of Elisabeth Báthory is the Baroque Golgotha ​​- the sober Christ of the 17th Century. Golgotu let…

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Draškovičovský manor house-icon

Draškovičovský manor house


The beauteous beauty of the bloody coral . Those who delight in the Čachtice community in the West Slovak community to learn more than the bizarre…

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Jasenica Manor House-icon

Jasenica Manor House


Romance in the silence of the countryside . KaštieľJasenica is housed in a quiet location in the heart of the beautiful Papradnianská valley, about…

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