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LD TRIBEČ - Apartment house-icon

LD TRIBEČ - Apartment house


The spa house Tribeč - Bojnice Spa is located directly in the spa area . The newly built guesthouse is built in the premises of the former summer…

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Palatín is located in the heart of the village, just 2 km from the recently reconstructed ruins of Čachtice Castle. . The history of the village is…

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Cottage Rawa-icon

Cottage Rawa


The RAWA Recreation Area is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Považský Inovec Mountains, 2 km behind Modrová village, 15 km from the spa…

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Cottage PT Javorina-icon

Cottage PT Javorina

Stará Myjava

Chalet PT Javorina is situated in the beautiful surroundings of the White Carpathians, Javornik, Myjavská hills and Záhoria. Located in the cottage…

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HOTEL Magura-icon

HOTEL Magura


HOTEL Magura with its restaurant, café and terrace is located in an old settlement on JC Hronsky Square in Prievidza . . The center of Bojnice is…

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Pension Panorama-icon

Pension Panorama


Near the historical center of Trencin is the unique Panorama guesthouse, which attracts its customers to a family atmosphere and quality service.…

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Hotel Perla-icon

Hotel Perla

Nové Mesto nad Váhom

Hotel Perla *** offers accommodation in a pleasant environment of the Zelená Voda area near Novy Meste nad Vahom. . We organize weddings,…

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Hotel Arkádia-icon

Hotel Arkádia

Bánovce nad Bebravou

Hotel Arkádia will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet with its wide choice of dishes and, of course, their unforgettable taste. The rooms are…

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