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Cottage Mojtín-icon

Cottage Mojtín


The property can be rented as a whole, with a maximum capacity of 20 people. The village of Mojtin belongs to the Púchov region, the Trenčian…

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Pension JAS-icon

Pension JAS


Pension JAS is a recreational facility of a chamber type providing customers with a cozy environment with plenty of privacy . . It is a family-run…

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Cottage by Little Janka-icon

Cottage by Little Janka


The cottage of the lower price category in which you are also pleasant Relax and rejuvenate. The cottage is equipped with kitchen, TV. In the…

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Bojnický Vínny Dom-icon

Bojnický Vínny Dom


The Bojnický Vínny Theme House, which is located close to the Bojnice Chateau, offers guests a number of wine-related services. In its wine cellar,…

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SCARLET guesthouse is housed in a stylish renovated building right in the picturesque historical and commercial center of Trenčín , where you can…

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Cottage Vlčia jama-icon

Cottage Vlčia jama


Horčín Vlčia jama is located in Slovakia in the beautiful mountains of the Trenčian region and near Žilina region. Accommodation in the cottage,…

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Privát U Zvonárky-icon

Privát U Zvonárky

Nedožery - Brezany

If you are looking for quiet accommodation at an affordable price in the surroundings of Prievidza , please visit the privately owned U Zvonárky . .…

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Accommodation at Janka-icon

Accommodation at Janka


New detached house with fireplace and swimming pool . Accommodation in Janka is located in the pleasant surroundings of the picturesque village…

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