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Observatory in Partizánsky

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Partizánske, Slovensko

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In the northwest part of Partizánske called Mala Bielnice, you can find an observatory that has been open to the public since 1988. The over 5-meter dome offers breathtaking views of the cosmosphere. Know the Universe with our Observatory!

The Observatory building is located 1 346 kilometers from the zero meridian, 4 590 from the north pole at an altitude of 200 meters. The lecture hall can host up to 68 space enthusiasts and, thanks to the modern audio-visual technique, it can prepare seminars, training programs and trainings for professionals as well as the general public.

A common experience

The main astronomical apparatus of the observatory is a lens telescope - a refractor with a Coudé system (150/2250 mm). In visual observation, the telescope is complemented by an eyepiece turret that allows you to vary magnification ranging from 56 to 375 times. In conjunction with the state-of-the-art CCD camera, the telescope becomes an instrument through which unique astronomical phenomena can be observed in the comfort of the lecture hall by all visitors at once.

Technique and outlook

In 2008, a new astronomical observer, Sun-Star Observatory, SoHO opened. The unconventionally designed dome protects chromosome binoculars for visual, photographic and television tracking of solar prominences, a visual sun binoculars and a mirror telescope for star astronomy. Expeditions for meteoric rush are organized here. Within the material possibilities, you can experience live coverage of the stars with the Moon by using a black-and-white TV CCD camera, variable stars or astronomical photo.

When are we watching?

The basic observation programs are always prepared on Wednesday, Friday and the first Saturday of the month. You will become acquainted with the universe.

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Address Malé Bielice 177
958 04 Partizánske

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