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A project that connects 3 important castles

Three Keys for Katarína is a project designed especially for families with children, who are attracted by the discovery of mysterious history and treasures. The intention is to revive the common history of three important castles in a playful way - Čachtický, Beckovský and Plavecký.

Part of the project is a competition through which visitors to these three castles can win valuable prizes. Just help the young noble Katarína. If you visit the castellans of Čachtice, Beckovsky and Plavecký castles, you will receive a faithful copy of the royal charter from everyone. In order to help Katarína to open the family treasure, it is necessary to obtain one key from each castellan at the same time and send it together with the document to the address of the municipality of Čachtice. It is possible to become part of the project and the common history until September 21, 2019.

What does history say?

Katarína was the only daughter and rightful heiress of Duke Stibor the Younger. When she died, she was cared for by three castellans. The entire property, including the deed, was stored in a chest on Beckov and well secured with three locks. Each of her guardians, the castellans, owned one of these keys. For security reasons, the document was made in three copies and stored at the castles of Čachtice, Beckov and Plavecký Castle. Nevertheless, the royal council cruelly decided that young Catherine would lose her home and property.

Beckov, Čachtice and Plavecký hrad castles are currently in ruins. Two of them are located in the middle Považie near Nové Mesto nad Váhom. The ruins of the Swimming Castle form a significant landmark at the foot of the western Little Carpathians. Although they are separated by a certain distance, the common past unites them to this day.

A unique idea will connect the Trenčín and Bratislava regions

The initiator of the project is Peter Pastier , Executive Director of the Beckov Castle Legal Association. Not only is this the first project to involve the Trenčín and Bratislava regions in joint participation, but an interesting fact is the possibility of support through a public collection - crowdfunding.

"We learned about crowdfounding thanks to the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which created a seminar on this topic. Since we also liked this form of co-financing in terms of the fact that the whole project is mainly dedicated to families with children and we do not have enough financial resources to cover the total costs associated with organizing the event, we asked people to participate in this way. contributions. All contributors have the opportunity to choose a reward, each of which is tied to the whole theme and is attractive to the general public, " added Peter Pastier. You can support the project HERE .

Thanks to the connection of the two regions, tourism will also be supported in a natural way. "It is very important that tourists, visitors and residents move from one region to another. Cooperation between regional organizations is just as important to us. We cooperate, visit various fairs together and meet on presentations or foreign trips, and therefore the fact that we move and share these tourists is very natural for us. Therefore, we welcome this activity and consider it great, as it is more oriented to domestic tourism and especially to families with children, for whom this story and project is built. I will be very happy if we manage to develop such projects in the future as well, ” said Andrea Ambrózy , Executive Director of Bratislava Region Tourism.

The chairman of the Trenčín Region Regional Tourism Organization, Juraj Gerlici, also sees great importance and potential in the three key project for Katarína: The interest in castles, chateaux and monuments in the Trenčín Region is great and still has a growing tendency. The fact that Beckov Castle was visited by more than 74,000 visitors and Čachtice Castle by more than 60,000 also testifies to the fact that the Trenčín Region is a region of castles and legends. This project can further support tourism and the interest of even the smallest ones in the history and exploring the castle corners. ”

Author: MT

In Trenčín, April 6, 2019

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