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Manínska gorge

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Only the most sensitive ears of poetic souls can hear a touching melody of rare fauna and flora, forever locked between the steep cliffs. At the narrowest place of this gorge no more than five people can walk shoulder-by-shoulder, not even a carriage can pass thourh...   


Manínska gorge is a popular natural tourist attraction. In the narrowest limestone canyon in the Central Europe various froms of fauna and flora try to survive, battling for their place in this relatively small and rocky area. High humidity and differences in altitude make it even harder for life to survive. Rock walls as high as four hundred meters enclose the narrow Manínska gorge. The pass through the gorge was created by Manínsky stream flowing through the limestone and cutting Manínske bradlo into two hills: Veľký Manín (891 meters above sea level) and Malý Manín (812 meters above sea level). In fact, there are two smaller gorges separated by a small valley. The width of the narrowest place is hardly enough for a bus to pass. The steep slopes often cover the valley with avalanches. A pile of snow in a shady place melts extremely slowly, sometimes you can find snow even in May. Visitors can walk upstream using a nature trail to yet another natural rarity - Kostolecká gorge with the biggest overhang of the Carpathian Arc and an impressive cone. Many call it "the roof of Slovakia" right in the heart of Súľov mountains.   


Such a precious overhang was created in the almost unreal way. Manínsky stream has been cutting through the gorge and calcite reef Drieňovka for centuries, thus creating Manínska gorge – a natural rarity. The rock in which gorge is located is called Kavčia skala due to the rare occurrence of jackdaws. On the left side of the gorge a sharp eye can see rock formations resembling hair.  


If you happen to be passing Banská Bystrica in hot summer months, stop in Maninska gorge and enjoy a pleasing shade, beautiful nature and relax. The public transportation will get you to the valley conveniently. There is a swimming pool just before the entrance to the gorge – come and enjoy its pleasant waters!

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