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Hotel Dynamic ***

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Nová Dubnica, Slovensko

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The Hotel Dynamic *** is a family-like hotel that can boast a 20-year tradition. It is situated in the quiet part of the picturesque town of Nová Dubnica, architectural jewel of the 1960s, designed by architect Jiří Kroh. It is located near Trenčín on the main transport route Vienna-Bratislava-Tatras. It is the heart of the business, economic and cultural events of Middle Poivia, as well as the touristy area beneath the Strážovské vrchy and the White Carpathians.

The town of Nová Dubnica is set in beautiful countryside. From the town are easily accessible tourist places , above the locality of Kolačín, the top of Markovica Hill, where the beautiful view from the whole Trenčín to Ladce. You can walk to the heart of Trenčianske Teplice in less than two hours by a tourist walk through the Dedovec hill. In the forest behind Nová Dubnica there are cycling trails ideal for mountain biking lovers. Directly by Dynamic Hotel there is an indoor pool , attended by guests from all over the world. Hotel Dynamic is often sought not only by people who come to business bussines around but also to those who want to relax their body and enjoy the beauty of nature in the vicinity of New Dubnica.

We offer our guests the possibility to relax and regenerate the body in the hotel's wellness facilities using Finnish sauna, infrasauna, whirlpool, fitness, massage. Within 100m you will find an athletic stadium, tennis courts, covered swimming pool, minigolf, floorball and grassy football fields. In the vicinity of the hotel are excellent terrains for mountain biking, hiking and skiing.
If you are a fan of the castles, you will appreciate the possibility of visiting the Trenčín Castle, which is the dominant of Trenčín and is located 10 km from the Hotel Dynamic.

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Address Topoľová 2
018 51 Nová Dubnica

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