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Nitrianske Pravno, Slovensko

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Nitrianske Pravno is a city with a German tradition, lasting for generations until the period of displacement after the Second World War. Vol. war. The original name is German Pravno, Deutsch-Proben.

Who is the "Carpathian Germans?"

Since the Middle Ages, our Hungarian territory has been inhabited by the German population , in particular by craftsmen, tradesmen and spirits . The Germans in Slovakia, as one part of the Hungarians in the Germans, have settled and often settled in the 12th-14th. Three centuries of Slovakia: Bratislava and the surrounding area, Hauerland (Spišská Streda) and Spiš.

The naming of the "Carpathian Germans" for the Germans in Slovakia and in Transcarpathian Ukraine was used as it very clearly expressed geographic diversity from the Sudeten Germans.

Through the German population , the Gothic architecture , art, craft crafts, and the way of office in the cities were developed in Slovakia . Apart from peasants among the Germans, they were mainly buyers, craftsmen and miners who contributed to the development of domestic production and trade . They have especially contributed to the development of handicrafts and guild production .

It is undisputed that the German population provided a number of cultural, educational and civilization impulses for Slovakia , which was a significant moment for its integration into a more advanced Europe.

The fate of the Carpathian Germans in the post-war era was not easy. More than 90% of them had to leave Slovakia after 1945, almost eight years old their ancestors.

To their native Slovakia they have a very strong positive emotional relationship , which proves a number of their economic and cultural activities in favor of the new Slovak Republic, whether in foreign countries or in Slovakia. There is no exaggerated claim that the new Slovakia has foreign propagators and allies in the Carpathian Germans.


In the wake of the turbulent history , the Carpathian Germans Association is active in the city, which seeks to preserve the cultural heritage of the Carpathian Germans originally living in this territory for the next generation.

After two years of renovating the House meeting in Nitra Pravne , On the occasion of the re-establishment of the parish church and meeting of the natives, the Museum of Culture of the Carpathian Germans was reopened.

This is a permanent exhibition of the Museum of Carpathian Germans from Bratislava under the title "History and Culture of the Carpathian Germans in" Hauerland " .

Visitors can see the museum's permanent exposure as it once lived in this location.

The museum also hosts accompanying programs on various occasions, Creative workshops and competitions in the Dome of the Carpathian Society meeting where women are mainly presenting handicrafts from the field of embroidery, basketry, woven carpets, handmade textile trimmings to households and drotary products.


A unique monument to the culture of the German population is the cemetery with a chapel in Nitrianske Pravne with many beautiful tombstones showing their master craftsmanship. They create nostalgic landscapes, overlooking Calvary Solk - an exceptional sacral monument with a total of 27 neo-gothic buildings.

Opening hours:

It is necessary to agree on the phone number. 0910584299

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Address Námestie SNP 159/47
97213 Nitrianske Pravno

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