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Private leisure center-icon

Private leisure center


. If you are looking for free time activities in Púchovo for yourself or your children , visit the Leisure Private Center . You will find us in the…

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Center of Traditional Culture in Myjav-icon

Center of Traditional Culture in Myjav


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The Myanmar region has become a major cultural and historical center during its development . Kopanic settlement, prominent personalities, as well…

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Považská Library in Považská Bystrica-icon

Považská Library in Považská Bystrica

Považská Bystrica

The library building is not full of stories from the pages of books, but also of the animated history. Take a walk along the old corridors, touch…

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Natural amphitheater Bojnice-icon

Natural amphitheater Bojnice


The natural amphitheater is an area in the close vicinity of the Bojnice Chateau , built over 20 years ago by a group of enthusiastic young people…

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Public Library of Michal Rešek in Trenčín-icon

Public Library of Michal Rešek in Trenčín


Trenčín is a gorgeous cultural city, so, of course, there is no public library. He is named after a significant bernolák-oriented collector and…

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Hornonitrian Library in Prievidza-icon

Hornonitrian Library in Prievidza


Upper Nitra has a strong library tradition. It was built in 1864 by the prominent priest and national leader Alexander Bazai. The County People&#39…

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Art point-icon

Art point


Art point - a new cultural point in Prievidza . Art point is a new cultural point in Prievidza, which focuses strongly on the development of…

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Regional Cultural Center in Prievidza-icon

Regional Cultural Center in Prievidza


Sometimes enough is enough to make a man a great artist. Many children's creative souls who spent every free time in the cultural center of…

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