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Trenčín castle-icon

Trenčín castle


(4 ratings)

Proud and fearless Trenčín castle, pride of Trenčín. It’s visible from afar and all directions. It dominates Trenčín and the whole Považie. Like a…

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Bojnice castle-icon

Bojnice castle


(1 rating)

As in the fairy tale about the ugly duckling, one of the oldest monuments in Slovakia had also transformed from a wooden castle into a stone gem.…

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Mound of General M. R. Štefanik-icon

Mound of General M. R. Štefanik

Brezová pod Bradlom

(2 ratings)

Pearl of Myjava hills, Mound of General M. R. Štefánik on the top of Bradlo, the road between Brezová and Košariská. Noone can overlook the shining…

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The observation tower Inovec-icon

The observation tower Inovec

Trenčianske Jastrabie

(2 ratings)

Iron LadyThe observation tower Inovec, Trenčianske JastrabieOn the top of Inovec stands a meteorological observation tower called, "Helene." She’s…

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The observation tower Malý Jelenec-icon

The observation tower Malý Jelenec

Trenčianska Závada

(3 ratings)

A fascinating viewThe observation tower Malý Jelenec, Trenčianska ZávadaA view from the high wooden observation tower on Malý Jelenec is indeed…

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Brodzany manor house with an English garden-icon

Brodzany manor house with an English garden


One of the most famous cultural and historical architectural monuments of Ponitrie is surely this Renaissance manor house. The manor house attracts…

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Skalka nad Váhom-icon

Skalka nad Váhom


(1 rating)

Who wants to explore history can visit one of the oldest settlements in our territory – dating back to the Stone Age!   . HISTORY  . The oldest…

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Vyšehradné - Nitrianske Pravno

. Not only our Czech or Hungarian neighbors have legendary Vysehrad and Visegrád, and our country has Vyšehrad . It is a unique natural area that…

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