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DRUGETOVA kúria-icon



Renaissance building, once a noble mansion, built in the early 17th century. It is a ground floor two-winged building with a sidewall and a façade,…

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Karner sv. Michala-icon

Karner sv. Michala


From the chapel of the chapel and the armory ... . In the area of ​​the parish church under Trenčiansky castle, a Medieval karner (ossuary) is…

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Church of the Most Holy Trinity and the Assumption of Our Lady-icon

Church of the Most Holy Trinity and the Assumption of Our Lady


Piarists and their angelic illusion . The most prehistoric Prievidza is a Piarist church. The founder of this building aurbanistic work was the…

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Povazska Educational Center in Považska Bystrica-icon

Povazska Educational Center in Považska Bystrica

Považská Bystrica

You can find representation of each artistic creation in the Považské osvetové stredisko. They entertain their gates with varied activities that…

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House of Wards-icon

House of Wards

Nové Mesto nad Váhom

The National Cultural Monument Dom of the Urban and Granary was proclaimed in 1993. It is made up of several monumental objects: . . House of Wards…

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The Fariscan Church of the Divine Heart of Jesus-icon

The Fariscan Church of the Divine Heart of Jesus


The modern temple is not a pair . Even in the 2nd World War - literally on the "green meadow" - they started to build a new town Baťovany (later…

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Púchovská skala-icon

Púchovská skala


The so-called Púchov Rock was in the past a majestic limestone formation scattered with large cracks in several parts. His picturesque shape…

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Sklárna open-air museum "Glass dream"-icon

Sklárna open-air museum "Glass dream"

Valaská Belá

"Glass Dream" is the only glass sculpture in Slovakia, where you can live to see the traditional processes of semi-glass production and shaping. You…

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