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Prepoštská jaskyňa Museum of Prefects-icon

Prepoštská jaskyňa Museum of Prefects


PREPŠTSKÁ JASKYŇA - national natural monument . . Prepoštská jaskyňa lies on the edge of a huge travertine rock , which belongs to the largest…

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Považská Library in Považská Bystrica-icon

Považská Library in Považská Bystrica

Považská Bystrica

The library building is not full of stories from the pages of books, but also of the animated history. Take a walk along the old corridors, touch…

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Center of Traditional Culture in Myjav-icon

Center of Traditional Culture in Myjav


(1 rating)

The Myanmar region has become a major cultural and historical center during its development . Kopanic settlement, prominent personalities, as well…

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Horní Morava Museum in Prievidza-icon

Horní Morava Museum in Prievidza


When visiting the Hornonitrian region, visit the museum in Prievidza. As a result of the hard work of local museum workers, there is not only a rich…

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Observatory in Partizánsky-icon

Observatory in Partizánsky


In the northwest part of Partizánske called Mala Bielnice, you can find an observatory that has been open to the public since 1988. The over 5-meter…

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The observation tower Hrajky-icon

The observation tower Hrajky

Turá lúka

(1 rating)

In the arms of Myjava’s isolated settlementsThe observation tower Hrajky, Turá LúkaAt a sacred place near Turá Lúka stands the observation tower…

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If you want to sport , you are a fan of adrenaline experiences or just go to know, for example, With children, visit AEROKLUB DUBNICA at Slávnica…

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Bridge of Glory-icon

Bridge of Glory

Trenčianske Teplice

Few visitors to Trencianske Teplice have the giant's Bridge, where tables of famous actors are mounted. Now there are two bridges of glory. One…

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