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Observatory in Partizánsky-icon

Observatory in Partizánsky


In the northwest part of Partizánske called Mala Bielnice, you can find an observatory that has been open to the public since 1988. The over 5-meter…

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Public Library of Michal Rešek in Trenčín-icon

Public Library of Michal Rešek in Trenčín


Trenčín is a gorgeous cultural city, so, of course, there is no public library. He is named after a significant bernolák-oriented collector and…

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Katov dom-icon

Katov dom


Window viewing the execution area . Only the very word "cat" and "katov dom" induce some horrible ghosts in some zombies. Such a reputed house is…

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Trenčianske múzeum v Trenčíne-icon

Trenčianske múzeum v Trenčíne


The Trenčín Museum is a cultural and scientific institution with over 138 years of history. The appointment of MUDr. Karola Brančík, a county…

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Hornonitrian Library in Prievidza-icon

Hornonitrian Library in Prievidza


Upper Nitra has a strong library tradition. It was built in 1864 by the prominent priest and national leader Alexander Bazai. The County People&#39…

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Grotta with a viewing tower-icon

Grotta with a viewing tower

Dubnica nad Váhom

Grotta with a viewing tower belongs to the jewels of Považia and at the same time it is one of two preserved monuments of this kind in Slovakia and…

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Mansion in Prussia-icon

Mansion in Prussia


He also survived the devastation of Osman . One remembrance of the village of Pruské in the Ilava district is also the national cultural monument:…

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Gazdovský dvůr in Turej Lúke-icon

Gazdovský dvůr in Turej Lúke


Unforgettable coffin . If you want to experience something extraordinary in the wanderings of Slovakia, visit the live skanzenkopaniářského life! .…

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