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Cycle bus to Bánoviec nad Bebravou

Bicycle riders, busy with blue buses, have helped improve the availability of the Trenčian region since last year for those who like to know the beauty of the region from the bicycle saddle. The route running from Trenčín via Dubodiel continues to Bánoviec nad Bebravou.

Even this year, all cyclists have the opportunity to discover our region alongside the pedals. As part of improving the conditions for sporty travelers , the Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj, in cooperation with SAD Trenčín, as, launched the operation of cycling buses , which transport not only cyclists but also their two-wheelers.

The Cycle Bike Line, which heads to Bánoviec nad Bebravou , is set off by the Matouš Catch Castle and it passes through the village of Dubodiel. Cyclists will take a look at the regional dominance - Trenčiansky hrad. If you are looking for more demanding cyclists, you will definitely welcome a beautiful view from Inovec hill, which proudly stands proud above Trenčín up to 1042 meters . How do you get there? Just take the cycle bus to get to Munich, for example, in Lehnet or Trencin Jastrabí. Others will take on well-marked walkways and routes.

The cycle bus continues through Trencianske Mitice . This village is rich in natural mineral springs. In case you have forgotten about drinking, this stop for you is made. One of the most famous sources is the one used to fill the mineral water Mitická . If you have an empty bottle with you, know that as a refreshing cycle, fresh water will make you feel good. You can take it directly to the village in the gazebo along the main road. However, other sources are also used in Trenčín Miticia, namely Kyselka in Kadlube or Skruží.

In the current season, the cyclobut is not the final stop in the village Dubodiel, but only in Banovce nad Bebravou. In the district of the city, you can add energy to, for example, the Ottlyk mansion , where you can well eat and accommodate. You can relax after a full day of pedaling, also offer the Thermal swimming pool Pažiť with a capacity of almost 2 thousand. people. If you decide to cycle from the cycle bus to Banovce nad Bebravou, your legs will pull you further and continue to nearby Uhrovca . The birthplace of two well-known Slovaks, Ľudovít Štúr and Alexandr Dubček, is only a little over 7 kilometers away from the end of the cyclone bus stop. Instead, the Uhrovec Castle from the second half of the 13th century, which is also accessible to the public, is also a place of breathing Slovak history.

We have a tip for competitive cyclists. For the second year, you have been traveling around the Trenčín region and cycling through the cycle just as simple as you can. Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj and regional tourism organization Trenčín region has prepared for all passionate cyclists a competition called "To the water or to the mountains, the cyclobus transports you" . The rules are really easy. Just take a picture of cycling and send this photo to the facebook fanpage of the Trenčín County. Each participant involved will receive original gifts .

Source: Odd. communication and international relations, TSK

Photo by Drahoš Masarik

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