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Trenčín castle-icon

Trenčín castle


(3 ratings)

Proud and fearless Trenčín castle, pride of Trenčín. It’s visible from afar and all directions. It dominates Trenčín and the whole Považie. Like a…

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Bojnice castle-icon

Bojnice castle


(1 rating)

As in the fairy tale about the ugly duckling, one of the oldest monuments in Slovakia had also transformed from a wooden castle into a stone gem.…

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Tematín castle-icon

Tematín castle


From the bird perspective it looks like an eagle’s nest. Disguised and concealed in the back of Považský Inovec. Ruins are protected by the…

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Castle Lednica-icon

Castle Lednica


(2 ratings)

The spring of love and hope, romantic and fairy. The castle stands on a sharp rock above the village, 16 km from Púchov. There is no road further,…

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Beckov castle-icon

Beckov castle


(1 rating)

Dominant and majestic. It stands on a giant rock and is full of tall tales. Beckov castle saw the rule of kings, nobles and knights, witnessed the…

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Považský castle-icon

Považský castle

Považská Bystrica

A silhouette of castle ruins is a reminder of important historical events. Shiny Váh is telling tales of bright and dark sides of human nature.…

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Castle Sivý Kameň-icon

Castle Sivý Kameň


The castle stands on the black lava rocks waiting to be freed from a centuries-long curse. Castle Sivý Kameň in ruins. Visitors can get to the castle…

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Castle Vršatec-icon

Castle Vršatec

Vršatské Podhradie

Hidden in the White Carpathians, in the northwest of Slovakia, white cliffs of Vršatické bralá features ruins of the royal castle. Walking towards…

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