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The title "TOP" goes to the best in tourism in the Trenčín Region for the year 2022

The regional tourism organization Trenčín region continues the 6-year tradition of awarding the best in tourism in the Trenčín region. On Thursday,…

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History with a touch of luxury

At the entrance gate to Bánoviec nad Bebravou, in the part of Horné Ozorovce, there is a historic mansion that offers a pleasant environment with…

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A unique baroque clock came to life at Trenčín Castle

On Friday, March 10, 2023, the Trenčín Museum in Trenčín installed a reconstructed county baroque clock from 1735 at the Trenčín Castle. Thanks to…

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A green oasis in the center of Dubnica nad Váhom

"Immediately next to the castle there is a vast park with many beautiful corners and a tower on the most extreme hill running towards Váh." This is…

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Statistics have confirmed the popularity of cycling routes in the Trenčín region

The self-governing region of Trenčín has so far built 4 sections of cycle paths with a total length of 50.1 km, the first of which was opened in…

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Motorest CONTI can be proud of the title "best in the region".

Even in times of new and rapidly changing trends in modern gastronomy, they remained faithful to traditional cuisine. They bet on preserving honest…

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Bojnice castle without barriers

The Slovak National Museum - Múzeum Bojnice is intensively working on introducing modern technologies to the castle in order to increase the comfort…

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Spring holidays in the Trenčín region will be full of experiences

The holidays in the Trenčín Region are fast approaching, and coming up with an interesting program for the children is often a difficult task. We…

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