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Slovak National Museum – Museum of Slovak National Councils received the prestigious ŽIVA 2022 award

The winners of the ŽIVA AWARD 2022, which have been announced by the Forum of Slavic Cultures since 2014, were announced in the Knight's Hall of…

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Sustainable tourism East Moravia and the Trenčín region

One of the currently ongoing international projects in which the regional tourism organization Trenčín region participates in the role of the main…

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Development of cycling in East Moravia and the Trenčín region

The regional tourism organization Trenčín region became the main cross-border partner of the East Moravian Tourism Center, ops, on the international…

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The top accommodation facility in the Trenčín region for the past year

A little smaller than San Marino, but a hundred times bigger than the Vatican. Horná Mariková became famous in Slovakia mainly because of her name.…

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Tourism conference

The regional tourism organization of the Trenčín region is preparing a professional tourism conference focused on the presentation of successful CR…

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Tickets for HoryZonty 2022 are already on sale, the entire festival pass is also available

The HoryZonty adventure film festival will compete for the favor of its viewers for the 17th time. It will take place between November 10 and 12,…

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Kuk to Očkov

Although our column is called "At the end of the region", this was not always the case. This time we went to the imaginary border of two regions -…

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