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Come on a hike in Trenčianske Teplice!

The sports and tourist activity "Come on a hike" started its 3rd year. You can look forward to new, for some unknown, locations in Trenčianske…

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We are looking for a project manager

We are looking for reinforcements for our team for the position of PROJECT MANAGER !. Do you have experience in the implementation of EU structural…

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Soon, the red train will run through Trenčín again

Spring is in full swing, nice weather is just around the corner and that means that the new season of the "Matúš Čák Train" tourist train will start…

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Bojnicki Castle will be haunted again

After years, ghosts and mysterious stories from the past are returning to Bojnický Castle. The Slovak National Museum – Bojnice Museum is preparing…

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Get to know the seven branches of the Trenčín Museum for one ticket

This year's summer season will be rich in learning. After purchasing a ticket for the Small or Large Castle Circuit, visitors to the Trenčín…

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In the footsteps of the Neanderthal

"The Neanderthal is not only the first inhabitant of Slovakia, but also of Upper Nitra," began Dominika Andreánska, co-author of the exhibition at…

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The title "TOP" goes to the best in tourism in the Trenčín Region for the year 2022

The regional tourism organization Trenčín region continues the 6-year tradition of awarding the best in tourism in the Trenčín region. On Thursday,…

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History with a touch of luxury

At the entrance gate to Bánoviec nad Bebravou, in the part of Horné Ozorovce, there is a historic mansion that offers a pleasant environment with…

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