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Famous houses with new roofs

The birth house of one of the most famous Slovaks underwent reconstruction.. More precisely, the roof of the house in Uhrovec, where Ľudovít Štúr…

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Collectors, pay attention

Matúš Čák appeared on a special euro banknote with a zero value. Its release took place on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the death of the…

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A train will take you to Trenčín Castle

After the recently opened novelty, the reconstructed southern fortifications and the new access entrance, Trenčín Castle is another tourist…

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Trenčín is trampled to win

More than a year ago, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic submitted a call for participation in the European Capital of Culture (ECOC)…

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They tapped the foundation stone with a virtual conference on the revitalization of Draškovič Castle in Čachtice

The restoration of the national cultural monument was the subject of an introductory conference, which starts a project supported by the Financial…

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ZOO in Bojnice is planning news for visitors

The zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions and visitor points for large and small not only in the Trenčín region. Only with effort would…

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Trenčín County has established cooperation with local governments in the Podbradliany region

On the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of the death of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik, the Trenčín self-governing region concluded a symbolic…

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The new cycle path is lined with info panels

On the newly built section of the Vážská cycle route between Trenčín and Nový Mesto nad Váhom, you may also learn what you did not know yet. Thanks…

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