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Manín and Kostolecká gorge - the most popular natural locality

Horné Považie is known not only for Považský Castle and its feeling for folklore, but also for its beautiful nature, which attracts tourists from…

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The number of visitors to the awarded rides on the historic railway increases every year

In 2011, after 102 years, regular passenger transport on the Tr. Warm - Tr. Teplice. This fact resonated with the public, which did not leave it at…

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The spirit of Skalka is unmistakable

The pair of Saints Cyril and Methodius is certainly better known throughout Slovakia. Today we will look at the place where two other saints left…

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Trenčín Castle attracts Slovak and foreign tourists

The dominant feature not only of the city of Trenčín, but also of the entire Trenčín region is a place where people go for exploration, relaxation,…

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The newly opened museum of traditional crafts in Bojnice received an award

A unique museum where it is allowed to touch the exhibits and enter any door. Bencovje grunt in Bojnice is a museum that was opened in the summer…

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The cycling elite will visit Bánovce in June

The most famous Slovak cyclist Peter Sagan or Czech elite cyclists Roman Kreuziger and Zdeněk Štybar will be the main attraction of the Joint…

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The English park will be open to the public

In its place once stood the hunting manor of the Forgáč family. At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, however, the owners of the Thematic…

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In the hands of the castle Tematín

By the time the reign of King Bela IV ended, almost a hundred new stone fortresses had been added to Slovakia. A chain of guard castles was built on…

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