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A new bicycle route will connect the Trenčín and Žilina regions

On Monday, February 13, with the tapping of the foundation stone, work on the more than 10 km long section of the Vážská cycle highway in the…

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The Trenčín Museum in Trenčín evaluates the year 2022 as one of the most successful

The Trenčín Museum in Trenčín welcomed 173,429 visitors to its branches in 2022. From the point of view of the total number of visitors, it is the…

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Only the last 3 weeks remain until the end of the jubilee 10th year of the Spa project in the region

The extraordinary project, Spa in the Region , has been connecting the regions of the Trenčín Region for the 10th year and gives residents the…

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Rare inhabitants in Papradnianka

Rippling streams that wind between dense riparian vegetation - this is probably how romantics imagine small streams flowing through Slovak territory…

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"She bakes" and customers love it

If you have already visited the Trenčín confectionary with the apt name "She bakes", it must have been clear to you immediately that "she bakes"…

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The Váža cycle highway will be extended again!

Another cycle route will be added in the Trenčín region, the attraction will be a new footbridge. The Trenčín County will begin the construction of…

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The city of Prievidza invites you to discover its beauty and secret corners in the form of videos and fun games

Last year, the city of Prievidza prepared several projects to show future visitors, as well as its residents, that there are many monuments and…

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Omastína derived from the word mašt

Tucked under Rokoš, protected by the Uhrovec castle. And it is not a village, but rather a village. Although its inhabitants are constantly…

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