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Castles reopened

Thanks to the gradual release of regulations, castles in the Trenčín Region, from 6 May 2020, reopened the gates for visitors from all over Slovakia…

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Recipe: Myjaf buds

This traditional, simple, but excellent food from the vicinity of Myjava will satisfy the whole family!. Ingredients:. Potatoes 500 g, plain flour…

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Results of the selection procedure

On March 13, 2020, the Regional Tourism Organization of the Trenčín Region announced tenders for the positions of: Chairman and Executive Director..…

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Kids still love her

There is probably no child who does not know Zajka Bojek, sparrow Čima or a verse about how an owl went to dance.. Works full of loving humor,…

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Recipe: Duck with breadcrumbs

An excellent recipe for preparing a duck from Partizánske will delight the whole family!. Ingredients:. Duck 1 pc, salt 1/2 PL, rosemary 1/4 PL,…

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Do you know the Trenčín region?

Monuments, culture, sports, nature or relaxation? We combined pleasant with useful. Use your free time to gain new knowledge. Send the correct…

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Thermal water and picturesque nature

Trenčianske Teplice is associated with many, especially with the local spa. The fame of thermal springs with healing effects exceeded the borders…

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Recipe: Oškvarkové pagáčiky - Materáky

Who wouldn't know the fantastic Oškvark pagáčiky from the surroundings of Nové Mesto nad Váhom. You can complement the pleasantly salty taste…

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