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Every city is original, say young activists

It is said that young people own the world and the future. In many cities, but also in the villages, there is a party that wants to change at least its surroundings for the better. He is looking for opportunities, potential - to live better here and there, to make their city more attractive to visitors, tourists. Let's look at two such games that are active at opposite ends of the Trenčín region - in Partizánské and Trenčín.


The Baťovany project is in their hands in Partizánske. They discovered the charm of the city, as invented by Baťa and his architect from Zlín, Vladimír Karfík. The authors of the Baťovany project present the city as the only ideal industrial city in Slovakia. Its concept was perfectly thought out. Factory, houses, greenery, services. All this spread out so that they do not "interfere" with each other, and at the same time they are always within reach.

It was possible to walk everywhere, on the way from work you equipped yourself with shops or a barber. The huge Twenty-Ninth August (ZDA) Plant is now home to several companies. Among them are shoe manufacturers, large and small. And there are many other craftsmen. The atmosphere of the city attracts young people from different parts of Slovakia. Many of them also furnish their apartments in the style of the "Baťa years". However, under the heading Baťovany.sk are people who want to show the city, its history and functionality to others. They are also city guides. I will show you the factory, the unique Baťa colony of houses, but also the church, which, like the rest of the city, is perfectly architecturally thought out. As the authors of the project themselves say, Baťovany was a utopia that really worked. They were a city where principles and logic played an important role. And I'll be happy to show you all that. They also bring a lot of interesting facts and literally piccolos from history on the website of the same name.


However, it is not a title in the sports discipline - culture has embarked on the fight for the title. Young people from Trenčín created the project "Cultivation of Curiosity", which is applying for the title of European Capital of Culture for 2026. In the first round, they attracted the attention of an international expert jury. This time, the defense of the project did not take place in person, but the individual cities sent a short video clip in which they presented their intention.

"We recorded a fantastic documentary about the mystery of the disappeared Trenčín Castle. We attached the testimonies of team members and collaborators. Subsequently, we still had an hour-long defense of the project in the form of twenty questions and answers via videoconference, "says Lenka Kuricová, program manager. "During the preparation of the project, the most interesting was the creation of various programs, which we created in cooperation with forty curators and cultural experts from Slovakia and abroad. We thought of everyone, so in the project you will find programs aimed at connecting young people with the older generation, dance workshops for the physically handicapped, as well as theater performances, literary fairs and art residencies, "he adds.

"It is a significant opportunity that will change the life of the whole region and everyone has the opportunity to be part of this amazing transformation," explains Lucia Dubačová, project manager Trenčín 2026. In the coming months, they will work to improve the project. Among other things, they want to develop partnerships, increase the involvement of citizens, organizations and companies. "In the second round, the international jury should visit Trenčín and experience its atmosphere, but especially the energy of the people in the city and the region," adds Dubačová.

The European Capital of Culture 2026 will be one of three cities - Trenčín, Nitra, Žilina. We will find out which will happen in December this year. Trenčín is assisted by the cooperation with the nearby Trenčianske Teplice and the Trenčín self-governing region.


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