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Beckov Castle will be full of activities in 2020

Every year, castles in the Trenčín region prepare an up-to-date program for their visitors, which includes popular and recurring events, exhibitions…

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They appreciated the lifelong work of people working in the field of culture in Upper Nitra

During the Gala Evening 2019 gala evening, 36 individuals and groups in 11 categories received awards at the Cultural and Social Center in Prievidza…

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Chata pod Veľkou Javorinou is one of the oldest

Directly below Veľká Javorina you will come across one of our oldest mountain huts. It bears the name of a native of Lubina, botanist, ethnographer…

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Participate in an art or photography competition and represent your region

The Trenčín Education Center in Trenčín is preparing progressive competitions for artists and photographers: Art Spectrum of the Trenčín Region •…

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It was exhibited ecologically at ITF Slovakiatour 2020

The regional tourism organization (KOCR) Trenčín region was presented at the largest tourism fair in Slovakia and one of the most important fairs in…

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The TOP awards in tourism were accepted by the winners

For the third year in a row, the Trenčín Regional Tourism Organization (KOCR) has been awarding the region the best accommodation facility,…

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Regiontour 2020 confirmed that the Trenčín region is interesting for tourists

This year, another year of the international tourism fair - Regiontour 2020 - took place in the Brno Exhibition Center. From 16 to 19 January 2020,…

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The intelligent bench will be part of the bike path that will connect the two castles

As part of the unique international project On a Bicycle in the Footsteps of History, a cycle route is currently being created, which will lead from…

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