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Get to know the history of Dubnice nad Váhom

Do you like hiking trails which, in addition to the eye of delicious nature, will also give you new knowledge in a playful way? In such a case, a…

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In the Skin of Columbus - The story of a caveman who is looking for peace in the underground

A cave is named after him. He discovers the unknown, looking for places that the human eye has never seen before. Bohuslav Kortman is a caveman,…

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Monuments of the Trenčín and Zlín regions at Trenčín Castle

The history that unites us - this is the name of the exhibition, which was presented on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 by the Regional Tourism…

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Put on your vibes and come to the Trenčín region

Tourism is a universal sport activity suitable for all ages, which people "enjoy" practically all year round. Thanks to this, they have the…

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Try pumptrack - adrenaline in your blood

If driving on the road or mountain trails seems a little adrenaline-fueled, try pumptrack.. Artificially created tracks are growing across Slovakia…

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Relaxing weekend at the airport in Trenčín

The most famous, largest, culturally loaded, multi-genre ... Festival Pohoda has many attributes and the fact that for 23 years it has attracted the…

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You can also take part in the summer photo competition "Sun in the lens"

Holidays, hiking, grilling, picnics, swimming pools or concerts ... the summer months open the door to perform all your favorite, sun-drenched…

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Fun and educational - such is cycling in the Trenčín region

Bicycle - a faithful partner for city trips, easy hiking, adrenaline downhill and endless exploration of natural beauty or monuments. People are…

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