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The VKT will start on the tenth of April

Trenčianska Vrchárska koruna will launch its third year on April 10, so you can get involved in several joint trips. The competition has already…

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The Museum of Canvas, Weaving and Embroidery was founded in Valaska Belea

The Trenčín region is once again richer with one exceptional place documenting the beauty of the cultural heritage of our region.  . Another…

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Tourist Police at Stare Myjave

Ski and Myjavan kicks. Do you think it does not matter to you historically? We were first left in the street, but the times are changing. The winter…

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The masters trained a German link

In the area of ​​the Trenčín region, Handlovská Valley is situated in the middle of several mountains. In the past, life was formed by German…

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Renewed brands will enjoy this year on nearly 500 km of hiking and cycling routes

In 2018, Trenčianský samosprávny kraj has also earmarked funds for the renewal of cycling and hiking trails from its budget. Renewed tagging will…

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Beer Spa Čertov-icon

Beer Spa Čertov

Lazy pod Makytou

Have you heard about Beer Baths yet? We also have one in Trenčín! You can visit them at Čertove. . Do you like beer lovers and do you enjoy…

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The event Spa in the region in Trenčianske Teplice successfully completed its 6th year

It has become a tradition that at the end of the calendar years the inhabitants of the Trenčín region have the opportunity to take advantage of the…

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Why is the name of Partizánske?

The town in the middle stream of the Nitra Partizánske River was formed mainly by the footwear industry. His current name, however, reflects the…

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