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Vršatec, distant and close

Passing through the motorway between Trenčín and Považská Bystrica you are definitely looking at an interesting rock formation. Experts of nature…

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A visitor with a serial number of 100,000 crossed the gates of Trenčianský castle during the last weekend of August

More than 100,000 people visited Matus Catch Castle this year. The magic border of Trenčín Castle over this summer managed to overcome two days…

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Traditions of our region: Competitive photographs capture the folklore and historical monuments of Trenčiansky kraj

The photo competition The tradition of our region has been continued after last year's successful start in the Trenčín Region. Even this year,…

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Photo contest "Trenčiansky region plays colors"

Do you enjoy photography and you have a weakness for the Trencin region? In this case, the competition from the workshop of the Regional Tourism…

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Do not miss the last chance to ride a legendary tram or cycle bus

. If you happen to have missed, forgotten or otherwise failed to ride a trencian tram or a blue biker with a cycling trainer, you have until Sunday…

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Fifth birthday On TSK's open door will be dedicated to cycling

. . The Jubilee 5th Anniversary Day of the Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj (DOD TSK) is dedicated to the events in which the county lives the most…

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Králikov mlyn in Nemšová will once again be alive

. . The reconstruction of the old Krallik mill in Nemšová started to take place in these days. One of the oldest sights of the city will be…

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Jankov's remark resembles the Nazi anger

In the past, he was the main base of the Partizan Brigade of Jan Žižka, who operated in the Strážovské mountains. From the time of the Second World…

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