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Lookout tower in Prievidza forest park

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Prievidza, Slovensko

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Romantic landscapes of a forest park

In the shadow of slender agates and pine trees, the privacy of lovers searches for privacy. The hand in hand passes through the tortuous sidewalks, separating them for a moment and rejoining them. Standing in a hug on a wooden bench, the charming children are watching on the playground. In the silence of the unobtrusive gazebo, the first moments of the night come. The poetry of romantic films is left in the forest amphitheater. From here it is only a piece of the silver lookout, where, under her balcony "Rómeo", she knows the love of her "Julia".

The observation tower in the Prievidza forest park has been part of it for thirty-one years. It reminds of a Renaissance balcony in the midst of forest still life. It is metallic and stands on four concrete pillars. It has a silver-colored design with a green handrail. It is three meters high and has 17 stairs on its viewing platform.
The view from the lookout point is towards Banská. You can see Big and Little Lehota, Hradec, the industrial part of Prievidza, the trail to Handlova or the Handlovka River. The view is complemented by a green scenery in Prievidza.
There are two sidewalks leading to the lookout. One from the restaurant and the other from the amphitheater. The direction of the road will show you the direction signs installed in the forest park.

The observation tower in the Prievidza forest park was full of light in 1985. It brought people pleasure and well-being. She belonged to all. Years passed and she was staring. Suddenly it was as if she had not been destroyed. She began to dull and remained forgotten. For years nobody cared about her. It did not serve that. But after thirty years she did. There were good people, diavid volunteers, who kept the sightseeing in their hearts and began reconstructing it. The metal torso of the lookout was cut and painted. The new dress also got benches and tables in its surroundings. The weed in which the viewer was imprisoned was also removed. She is no longer sad saddler in a tattered dress, but a confident lady in a silver-haired costume.


The museum manages more than a quarter of a million collections, including treasures of worldwide significance. The unique hornonitrian museum fund includes, for example, a Paleolithic cleft industry, a silver treasure from the German grave, a collection of gold coins, guild monuments, traditional stained glass, a collection of glass paintings, silver filigree jewelry and others. Natural artefacts are also significant.

Once the craft town in the heart of the Upper-Upper Basin kept the beauty of medieval architecture. The city boasts the Place of Sts. Elizabeth, beautifully crafted by the houses of ugly burgers. The rare historical monuments include the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Church of St. John the Baptist. Bartholomew, Piarist monastery, Marian pillar, bus depo, and others.

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