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Accommodation in the City Library

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Bojnice, Slovensko

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The Bojnice Cultural Center provides accommodation in the Bojnice City Library in a quiet environment right in the city center , 68 Hurbanovo náměstí 68 , in the building - cultural monument , with a separate entrance from the post office.

The accommodation is on the ground floor and consists of a double room with the possibility of an extra bed , a bathroom with a shower and for the motorists and corridors.
There is a TV , fridge , microwave and electric kettle .
Parking is possible in the courtyard free of charge .

MESTSKÁ KNIŽNICA BOJNICE - Renaissance cultural monument

The history of the building

According to building construction, the construction of a two-storey basement was dated to the third third of the 16th century. At that time, they were the owners of the castle and the Thurz family . According to these data, we can say that the library (probably a town house or a residential house) was already behind the Thurz family, and the Pálffy family only renewed and rebuilt it in the 18th century .

Baroque Pálffyov buildings were modified only after a fire which in 1742 hit Bojnice. Following the fire , the Pálffyovs gave the Baroque object to adapt , as is shown by the coat of arms of their family above the entrance to the building . During this period, the building was decorated with a white-black ornate facade.

Under the Baroque facade, an older Renaissance was found . Interesting findings have also been found here - Hedging with engraved line in the plaster. At present, the building is reconstructed with this original decoration.

Archaeological finds that are displayed in the city library are also interesting finds of the chamber ceramic pottery from 17-19. Century, glazed to green with a plant and geometric ornament , or with a coat of arms . The tiles are probably from the Bojnice workshops , where several potters and tilers worked, or from Nitrianske Pravno . A number of pottery pots were found out of pots, bowls, rags, and green, yellow and brown glaze coverings from 16th to 19th. century.

Later on, the library in the 19th century and in the 20th century was modified. We do not recognize the original feature of the object. Probably he served as a forestry office for the battlefield . We know from the land books that there was a tavern at the end of the 19th century . In the 20th century the building was bought together with the Baťa castle , which established the hostel for its employees and was the owner until the end of the 2nd. Vol. War. After 1945 , the state administration of the forests , the school of secondary school came here, and since 1967 the former folk library, now the town library , has been here. Later on, a textile store, shoe repair shop, was on the ground floor.

Today, after the redevelopment of a damp and dilapidated building, the City Library lives in a lively cultural life and serves adults as well as children as part of the Bojnice Cultural Center.


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Kultúrne centrum Bojnice


Address Hurbanovo námestie 68
97201 Bojnice

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