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Parish Church of Martyr's Death John the Baptist

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Nitrianske Pravno, Slovensko

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The southeastern part of the square in Nitrianske Pravne closes the largest building - the Roman Catholic Church of the Church of the Martyrs' Ján Kstiteľa.

His patron, St. John the Baptist , was a coat of arms of the city and part of the decoration of the city seal for many centuries .


The original stone Gothic church was built in the early decades of the city's establishment.Bol expression of the economic prosperity of the mines and the flowering of the city . Rich patriciate, at the end of the 14th century , after a short dependence on the wartime presbytery, he had for the Pravno an independent parish to which the surrounding flies were attached.

In the second half of the 16th century, the parish struck the Reformation Movement . The church initially served both the Catholic and the Evangelicals , but gradually, thanks to the Thurzov warriors who, in 1527, transgressed the Protestant faith, the church and the Lutheran Church dominated the church . During the period of the Estonian uprisings in the 17th century , the town was repeatedly excavated and frequent fires damaged several historic buildings. Thus, in 1605, Bocskay's Kurva burned the church and destroyed the bells . After a brief re-Catholicization of the parish in 1678, Thôkoly's army rebuilt the church and fired the school . The extent of the damage indicates the length of the reconstruction works between 1683 and 1686.

After r. In 1819 it was necessary to renovate the chateau and the chateau . The local parson and native Anton Alojz Tenczer had put the clock tower to repair, the roof was restored, and the whole object was blasted out and stripped. It has not been eight years, a church, a faraway, a town hall with almost the entire square, and the houses of the surrounding streets lie ash. In 1827 a flame burst out of the chimney of a local teacher's flat, and in a few hours the fire spread to a wide area. The horde melted the tower clock, and the broken bells slid over the temple vault . Already in the following year, repairs and reconstruction work began. In December 1828, the new bells were erected by the Kremnick bell tower Samuel Hackenberger. Tower clock was repaired by Jan Pardub and decorated by the jeweler Ján Turczer. In 1831 the tower balcony was renovated and the turret was built next year with a cock above the sanctuary .

Costly and long-lasting reconstruction work could not save the church . He continued to derail until he was officially conceived for security reasons on 8 October 1896, At the beginning of next year the city council under the pressure of the residents decided that the church would be, besides the towers and chapels of St. Michael was demolished and rebuilt .

Work on reconstruction began in 1904 according to the plans of the Budapest architect Otto Sztehl. The building was completed in the following year, and the church, on September 1, 1907, was consecrated by the local native, Bishop Dr. Pavol Jozef Lányim-Késmarkim. The designer used a neo-gothic style with a trilobal space and a polygonal closure of the presbytery , with domed lunets with a hint of ribs . The main and side boats have a lunet cross-vault . The perimeter walls reinforce the supporting pillars . The entrance facade is decorated with statues of the Apostles Peter and Paul .


Only the tower and the chapel of St. Michal with the altar and folk sculpture Piety from the end of the 18th century. From the interior of the old church there are 17 known objects , which are stored in the Battle Museum . Almost the entire interior decoration of the new church consists of donations from more affluent co-workers, collections of local populations and objects transferred from the abolished Venantinum monastery.

The chapel of the grave of God made Anton Richter of Carrara's marble. It is decorated with paintings by Munich painter Rudolf Schmalz and local master Hollay. Pieta is from the last century . The sculpted altar in the side boat is the gift of Stefan Mater Richter. The author of neo-gothic decoration is master Ján Schmidt. The twenty corporation registration body , the work of Ota Rieger from Krnov (Jägerndorf), is the gift of Dr. Pavel Jozef Lányi. The polychromed pulpit with decorative grills from 1907 is the masterpiece of Schmidt. The Pseudo-Gothic Baptistry and the Covenant are from Seilnacht and Baer in Hlohovec.

Darom, the collections and the proceeds of theatrical performances of local amateurs were also filled with liturgical vessels and ceremonial garments. Art figurine of 1934 is a piece of the work of Ferdinand Prinoth.

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