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Prievidza, Slovensko

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The indoor swimming pool complex is located in the sports and commercial area of ​​the town in Píly, near the winter stadium, the sports hall and the beach swimming pool.

The city's indoor swimming pool, operated by Technical Services of Prievidza, serves the public for free time activities, sports classes for swimming training, sporting activities and the development of swimming sports. The swimming pool in the new swimming pool has dimensions of 25m x 12m.

The depth of water is from 1.2 m to 1.8 m. The swimming pool guarantees its visitors crystal clear, clear and health-conscious water without chlorine odor and hygienic environment is located in the premises of the whole swimming pool.

The cleanliness of water and the environment is ensured, among other things, through a sanitary day, which takes place every first Monday of the month. On this day, the pool, hall and other areas are cleaned. Comprehensive hygiene and maintenance of the entire complex is carried out regularly twice a year. At this time, the whole pool is also launched. Hygiene in the covered swimming pool is supervised by the Regional Public Health Service. Once a year, the covered swimming pool is closed due to the disruption of heat supply. The break is one week. In addition to the above mentioned exception, the Prievidza covered swimming pool is open all year round and during the weekends, that is to say about 5 200 hours / year.

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Address Ul. S. Chalupku 12A
971 01 Prievidza

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