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Brodzany manor house

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Brodzany, Slovensko

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Park with soul Pushkin

The Brodzano Manor House is one of the most famous cultural and historical monuments of Pontritus. It is home to the three-sided Museum of Alexander Sergejevich Pushkin. The Renaissance manor dates back to the 17th century. After a hundred years of barbiting him, he had made a romantic adaptation to the next century. Thanks to the frequent stay of Pushkin's wife with children (the brother-in-law of the Baron G. Friesenhoff manor house), the Brodzano manor house gradually became the center of Russian art and culture in our territory. There were also other representatives of Russian cultural and literary life.

Historical salons attract visitors with period and original furniture, rich paintings, personal items and family albums. The decoration of interior wall paintings painted mainly by the daughter of Friesenhof. The life and work of AS Puškin brings the hall with portraits, drawings and books related to the life of this poetic poetry.

In the vast park with rare woods there are busts of significant Slovak and Russian writers created by leading Slovak sculptors.

You can also find a detachment of the family tomb - the Friesenhof chapel.

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